Suffolk Andy’s Motovlogger Tag Part Two

Thanks for watching. Love doing these type videos.

Fender Smasher at Farmers

My very first motovlog. (Camera inside the helmet) I was on Live Video at the time.

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  1. Another great one! I remember those old days: YouTube was so new, and I didn't even know how to get video online. I thought, "How do you convert from film to digital?"
    My very first time riding a motorcycle was April 2nd of 2006, and I, similar to you, started watching, reading, and learning as much as I could about riding. I joined YouTube in November of 2006, and my first video was on February 13, 2007. "Motorcycle Madness." It was just a photo montage with music, but it was a start. The first motovlogger I ever saw was 88Hawaii, with his Kodak V570, riding around the island of Oahu, where I had just moved from in 2005. Man, we have seen a lot, brother! Thanks for the great memories!


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