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  1. yo Nick , pullback on your handle bars when u drop the clutch and when u get a bit higher try flicking the throttle i think that works the best , atleast for me , it feels kinda sketchy in the beginning but u get used to it after doing it for a while. keep practicing bro 😀

  2. nick when you lift wheel you have to add more gas and that you will have a distance i hope i help sorry for bad english. P.S don't worry about speed just break and you will stop i have same bike and i'am doing same thing

  3. You need to get out of the habit of putting your head forward…just practise leaning back when on you r back wheel.
    I practised on a bike first then went on my motorbike and it was like second nature to me

  4. Here's a few tips for doing wheelies
    1. Learn to use the brake to stop the wheelie first
    2. Start with low speeds and use the clutch to rev and release clutch, pull and lean back while gently throttling
    3. If the angle starts to get a bit too high, tap the rear brake and give it more throttle after to keep the front wheel in the air
    4. When you can do these you can start learning how to shift while doing a wheelie
    5. With a lower powered bike leaning back and revving might not be enough for a wheelie, if so you need to lift the front wheel by first pushing the front down and then pulling it strongly up while releasing the clutch, then just lean back and do the wheelie

  5. Nick try to Lean back And straighten your hands, if you lean forward you can't keep your tire up And it will just catch too much Speed. If you lean back And use the clutch to gige it a bit more spice with gas you'll start doing better. Plus practise brake control, if you get "scared" you have to press the rear brake pad Asap.


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