Planning A Group Ride With A New Local Motovlogger

Give a warm welcoming to Flynn’s Take –

Welcoming in a new local motovlogger whom TexR6S, FreeRider1959, and myself are planning to go for a group ride with. Who knows where we’re going but it’ll be exciting either way. It always is.

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  1. That’s awesome setting up a ride for a new Motovlogger. Congrats on getting up 1.5k subs pretty amazing. Damn gone 7 days and only caught 1 fish at least you had some fun. Ride safe out there bro.👌

  2. Oh dear God… I'm being set up for a giant case of performance anxiety! The response to THIS must needs be a blog into itself, of course…

    Batten down the hatches, men- Weird seas ahead!

  3. Circle K are showing up here in Canada too. They bought somebody out I think and they are rebranding the stores as Circle K.
    Who uses GPS. I don't even have that.
    Know where you are. Not that hard. 🙂


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