New MotoVlogger In The City | EP 4 | Need for Safety Gears | Accident | Apache RTR 160

You never know whats going to happen in the very next moment when you are on the road so its always better to safe gaurd ourself from the invetibale.

Here is the RAW video why should wear safety gears!

DO have a look!

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  1. i have a question for you about your bike. I saw your video in which you talk about the vibrations , bad suspension and bad stock tyres. So, if given a chance , will you give away your bike for any other bike??

    the reason why I am asking this is, is because I almost made up my mind to buy this bike but when I saw your video and other videos saying same about this bike, I got confused.

  2. wo log bhai daru pi ke chla raha hai i guarantee!!! hahaha…anyway bro calm down relax aise log bhare pade hai…bas humlog ko sambal ke chalna hai…glad to see you helping that uncle,, that's why we should maintain our vehicles. mera last video dekhna mere ek friend ka disc brake lock ho gaya tha..


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