Motovlogger Spotlight – LangBanger #1

This vlog is about a motovlogger spotlight on the LangBanger #1.

He rides a 2001 Yellow Honda Goldwing.
I was hoping to meet him at the 39th Annual National Bikers Roundup, but something came up at the last minute for him.

If you would like to see his channel, it is at: . He does not have any of his own videos on it, but I hope he can eventually get a camera like mine and start motovlogging on his Gooooooldwing. 🙂

Chris Caliente did a few videos on him on his channel and when he met him at: , as well as at: , and also at: and at: .

I hope I get to meet the LangBanger #1 soon. 🙂

+LangBanger #1

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