MotoVlog #2 – 2018 Ninja 400 – Sena Prism Tube – Campark ACT74(failed)

Trying a 2 cam setup with a 55 USD dollar Campark ACT74 added to the Sena Prism Tube. Using the Prism Tubes audio because it sets up so easily.. editing and overlay done with VSDC Free Video Editor software.. more to come.. hey, this could get addicting…. Stop in at forums to learn more about this 2018 Kawasaki ninja 400 everyone from beginners to old returning riders are falling in love with.. its ka ka ka krazy!

UPDATE: The Campark act74 worked for this one ride.. it then failed to work the next time I tried it.. it would get HOT but not come on with either battery or USB connection.. returned for refund..shame

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