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Being stereotypical British complaining about the nice weather and discussing opinions on loud exhausts on my Yamaha MT09-Street Rally.

It was ridiculously sunny while riding and although I adjusted the camera settings and the edit, couldnโ€™t get rid of that sun blur.

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  1. Expressing my opinion on loud exhausts as it seems thereโ€™s usually divided opinion, getting back into the mentality and character of motovloging after my โ€œhiatusโ€… Iโ€™m aware of issues with video quality which seems to happen when YouTube reduces video quality upon upload, this is my third render and upload of this video after playing with render settings, hopefully will improve in future uploads once ideal settings found! Thanks for sticking around with me, truly appreciated!

  2. I can't afford an aftermarket exhaust. I've had the money plenty of times but there's always been something more important to use the cash for. Right now I'm saving for a house lol. Plus I work stupid hours & can get home at 3am. The other week I did have one neighbour down the street come talk to me as I was getting ready to leave & complain that I woke them up during the night as I came home, so no zorst for me in the near future lmao

  3. There is a solution to having whiny neighbours, but still wanting a loud exhaust, and that's either an exhaust cut out valve or a baffle with a big loop welded on.

    The baffle would only really work for high level exhausts, but the point is, start the bike up with the baffle in, then once you've ridden off your street, pull over quickly and remove the baffle. As it's modified and has a big loop on it, you can just pull it out with your hand

  4. Couldn't agree more … I have an MT-07 with a Black Widow exhaust on it and absolutely love it ๐Ÿ™‚ … Just sounds great all through the rev range, behaves when you want it to and gets a bit antisocial when fed with throttle. Definitely wakes up sleepy drivers and pedestrians ๐Ÿ™‚ …. And best of all, makes me smile and laugh every time I ride the bike ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have 2 bikes,the CBR 600 has an "Fuel" branded can & I've replaced the rusty original headers with a nice shiny stainless item.The bike has passed several MOT's with the rusty header, the SS item hasn't reduced the noise any & if anyone mentions how loud my bike is I simply tell them exactly what the MOT tester said to my question (yes it's loud,but it isn't too noisy) which if they wish to complain to anyone,I politely suggest they start by reading up on the law(UK bikes over 3 years age must have a current MOT certificate to be used on the roads)which will show them that if I have licence/MOT/insurance/vehicle excise paid etc,then I can use it at ANY hour I chose & despite my trying hard not to exit my street creating excess noise they're still complaining so in future I will make a point of revving the gonads EVERYTIME I pass JUST their house. This will often get other neighbours to complain to which I would point straight at the sole REASON for you're rev-bombing that house, & politely suggest they take their complaint directly to the cause. Yes,I am a very reasonable bloke until twats start acting like twats,then I brood awhile thinking up "anti" twat responses.

    Since the hot weather's arrival,I've had to raise my thumb as thanks too many times as on my CBR the riding position puts strain on my wrists thus this method frequently causes me extra strain(& I'm an arthritis sufferer)with the huge increase in cars/trucks almost taking to the verges so I can pass without needing to cross the centre markings(so hot everyone has all the windows open)I regularly find as I look up ahead there is a large gap appearing in the "rolling roadblocks" of traffic,which is bloody amazing to see as not so many months ago,I was riding through the town on my KTM(totally standard titanium exhaust on it)when I noticed the busses ahead in her lane as she simply turned the wheel & I was watching her through her window as she veered directly towards me so I gave her a toot on my KTM's DIY upgraded airhorn(fitted by me as the ONLY way I could afford to upgrade it to make myself noticed)which caused her to slam on the brakes to avoid rear-ending a bus,whilst physically jumping in shock as she yanked on the wheel to avoid being squashed by some unseen articulated truck. I dam near fell off I was laughing so much.

    I'm 100% in agreement to "Loud Pipes Saves Lives" sentiment,although there are still cockwombles (usually in Audi.BMW)that see you in their rearview mirror & spurt off a little bit faster(frequently speeding dangerously towards pedestrianized areas)& I've also seen this type of cockwomble pulled over by plod. I frequently do speed when out on my CBR,but not on a 30 MPH street where there are going to be alcohol drinkers out for a few with mates. I also drove a taxi for many years so know firsthand just how braindead these people are as I've had to brake hard to avoid some totally insane fuckwit JUMP off the pavement onto my taxi's bonnet shouting to his equally pissed female companion how "I'll get us a taxi" (I was already occupied with a fare so couldn't take them too)My passengers commented that "I couldn't do this job!" after many of these types of encounter with drunk people. I didn't care about them trying to get themselves run over back then,I don't care if they tried nowadays but I don't ride fast in built-up areas,I'm fortunate to live on the western edge of the lake district so there are lots of brilliant roads with a 60 MPH limit & no bastid else uses so I'll enjoy my CBR or KTM on these & leave the boyracer/chav etc to do what they see fit in the town centre(basically,drive round n round the ringroad wrecking their vehicles suspension over all the speed bumps/cushions & crashing through the ruined road surfaces)


    PS:your talking volume was difficult to hear due to the exhaust(might be my hearing's fucked from listening to my CBR's howl @ 8k+ revs lmao)


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