How to Properly Dispose of Your Motorcycle Helmet – Arizona Motovlogger

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  1. I got a question for you: I've been riding since I was 8. I'm 44. I haven't been on a dirt bike in more than a quarter century. I've been seriously considering a small dual sport bike to battle jackrabbits. I like the looks of the CRF Rally, but I'm an old fat guy now. I hear pretty awful things about Honda's suspension, so I've been looking at the klx250 with the 351 motor kit. I assume I'll catch my chops within a season or two and want something more capable then, but I have street bikes, so the kaw would really be 70 or 80 percent light trails, 20 to 30 percent roads to get to hunting grounds and I consider it steps toward regaining my dirt skills more than a final solution. I don't have the money for a KTM at the moment. Based on your experience with dink-shit jap dual sports, what's your opinion? I know you had a couple over the years. Btw, I live in your neck of the woods, so you know the type of terrain I'll be playing in.

  2. The uncooperative helmet deserved a 30 round AK mag dump ;))) That was really fun to watch! Great vid. P.S. you may, or may not have gotten yourself on "the list" with this one LOL

  3. Fun video as always my friend. I am glad to see you out having some fun, you showed us your Smith MP 40 first and when you was walking to the helmets, I was like holy moly, how dang far does is that, especially for a hand gun heheh, I should have known you brought more fun with you. hehehe, Thanks for sharing and have a blessed week my friend.

  4. Haha….great fun! At first I was "oh no! Another guy blowing crap all over the desert. But! Good on you, you cleaned up your target trash. Right on!!!! Some places I go through look like the Glendale dump. 🙁 BTW, pretty good shooting off hand without a bench.

  5. what great way to get rid of our old helmets, lol I am surprised they all did not blow up, I have about 5 packages of it to make use of one of these days. Thanks for taking us along I enjoy the hell out of shooting all my guns too.

  6. I was surprised to see the assortment you brought to the showdown. You must have expected those helmets to put up quite the fight. And they did. They fought valiantly, but in the end they were outmatched. Love the Ruger MK II and the 30.06.

    I enjoy target shooting. The only purely defence handgun I've owned was a COP 357 Magnum. It's a real compact solid stainless steel 4 barrel with 4 firing pins. Highly concealable and highly inaccurate as you can imagine. But then it's a close range weapon. Loved that you cleaned up after the battle 🙂

  7. AHH I had a Video Idea that I was gonna do a while back to see how far away it takes fore a Helmet to stop a 9mm Bullet. lol I still may do it but Now im gonna feel like a Copy Cat! haha Awesome Video man!


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