How to Motovlog Tutorial – How to Blur Licence Plates in Final Cut Pro X

The first vid in the How to Motovlog Tutorial series, How to Blur Licence Plates in Final Cut Pro X teaches you a quick and easy method to blur out anything you like in your vids, nice and simple.

I use Final Cut Pro X for all my TeapotOne video editing but this method can be used in any editing software that allows you to do similar.

In the How to Motovlog Tutorial series I’ll go through different aspects of my motovlog setup, what kit I use, how I set it up, hints and tips for on and off bike filming, right through to how I use various editing techniques to produce the final vlogs you see here on the TeapotOne motovlog channel.

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  1. Can you not automate the key frames to track the object? This would save the painstaking and the amount of time you are spending blurring… I know you can with premiere pro… that’s how I do it 🙂

  2. It doesn't surprise me at all that your channel is blowing up. It's a FUN channel!! The videos are light hearted, but the content is great at the same time and you're a genuine biker – and only bikers get biker culture! Top marks mate, keep it coming.

  3. I've used a piece of software called Mocha which tracks parts of the frame to blur, you can also use After Effects. I don't tend to blur stuff as it's just too much hassle for a Youtube video. If you need to blur your speed I think you need to question is it right to speed and show this on an open media source.

  4. Good day. You can thank TheMissendenFlyer. who got me interested in your channel, and now I'm a subscriber. But only one thing. How on earth, can you ride your pride & joy in mid winter? d;-)


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