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Hey guys!

So my GoPro Hero 3 lens cracked so thats just my luck , I am going to start looking into buying the audio adapter for the GoPro Hero 5 Black lol. In this video i talked about some of my life choices that ive been putting back , so you get to see a more personal life point of view. I have always wanted to join the military and do plan on going active and not reserves. I do have respect for all military branches you guys know that.
my settings for the gopro hero 5 are
2k video image setting.
24 fps
Medium FOV
and protune on. (:

Thank you guys for the love and support and comments

if you got this far whoop!! lol

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  1. Nice video Vrommie ! Btw can you please share your instagram so i can make the video this weekend ? if not its okay . Thx in advance and have a great weekend. My insta is Gromminion .

  2. You may not be able to jump straight into the dog handling like you and the recruters have said. Something for you to consider and help you is dont enlist in the military longer than 3-4 years. Let's say you didnt get the dog handling like yoy wantes but you still do, yoy can negotiate with the military to put into contract to get what you want, then re-enlist


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