first motovlog yall cut me some slack its basically me rambling! you can also hear my southern accent very well lol

Instagram: @gsxr_court


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  1. Hi Court, welcome!! Your a breath of fresh air. And thanks for having the guts to reveal yourself. It's really nice to have a face to associate the words to. Your doing good and I'm sharing your vlogs with all I know. Keep working on content and just be you. It's okay to be just vlogging yourself talking and riding but to most people, that will get old. I'm not one of them but just be aware. I'm enjoying getting to know you. Hope to see more vlogs from you. So RUN WITH IT!! Catch ya next time. " skirt"

  2. Nice vid court! keep it up you'll get it. Just got my gopro and saving to get the audio recorder you have and ill be doing it big too. Just recorded some test videos earlier so ill probably post them to my channel. Follow and maybe we can learn from each other 🙂

  3. everybody keeps saying something about your accident but it sounds normal to me I don't understand lol ….but anyways when are you gonna start doing the monday bike nights again


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