Almost got bikejacked

Never thought we would reach this level in the UK. Bikejacking is on the rise and we all should be more vigilant. This happened 2 days before I went on the Africa Tour, it’s ironic that a lot of people were sending me messages warning how Africa is not safe, while the opposite is true, at least we parked the bikes unchained and not even a steering lock every night and no one touched them.

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  1. Idk what country youre in but the roads are fucking ridiculous. Theres people and cyclists everywhere, everyones running red lights and switching lanes every two seconds. Its insane tho!

  2. Yet you guys bash America for allowing citizens to carry firearms. Generally we only get carjacked while a criminal is fleeing from a police pursuit. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone jack a vehicle in broad daylight here in the states because they don’t know who has a gun on their hip and don’t want to eat lead for supper.

  3. German cattle prod and .22 keyring pistol, I keep them on a carabena, used the prod twice now not only does it spaz them into the deck they piss and shit themselves and their ECU gets fried so they can't get away as you smear their fucking DNA all over the road and pulp their bollocks, no complaints yet.

  4. Me and a few lads from the Welsh valley's want to go to London to beat the crap out of these kids on stolen scooters and be able to do it without fear of prosecution, but in today's lib democracy the criminal gets more help than the victims. God help us.


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